Friday, March 23, 2007

In the meantime...

Thanks for the words of support for my last post: I really appreciate that. The resounding question seems to be what I will do for exercise since I am not swimming, and since no one seems to think that knitting counts. Funny, that was the big question for me, too, the thing that kept me in the water for as long as it did.

I decided on Wednesday night, while I was showering after my shortened practice, to join the local YMCA, since it seems to be the nearest gym with the widest offerings. When I got home that night I checked out their workout classes (they also have a pool with open swim hours, for a future time when I want to do swimming at times other than designated masters practice). I was specifically hoping for spin classes (yes, Joe, I am a lemming!), because I used to enjoy them for off-season triathlon training, and even taught them for a little while. Next to swimming and actually doing a big bike ride, they are my favorite kind of exercise--and definitely the best indoor thing. The Y does have spin classes, along with various other aerobic classes--including something called "Body Blast," which just seems like it would smell bad. I see they also have Yoga, which might be good if I can modify some of the arm stuff, or just for the future. Also, there are the usual cardio machines and weights, although I am not looking for weight stuff just yet. In short, this might be a good thing generally, as it will fill in some facility gaps I have been feeling since the move. So my application form is filled out, and I'll go tomorrow morning while the PP is at swim practice.

Also, I ran yesterday. Woo-hoo! I wore my little music device to keep me motivated, and to block out any impressions of people laughing at me. Truth be told, this was my third run of recent times, as I did a bit of running during recent travel. Yesterday's was 50 minutes, a combination of running and walking, and, I think, 2.5-3 miles. (I don't have one of those fancy GPS gizmos.) (And I'll ask the PT today whether I need to wear a sling.)

It is funny: 6 years ago when I had my bad ankle tendonitis (way worse than the shoulder thing, because I did not realize what it was as it was setting in), it was running and cycling that were impossible, swimming the only alternative. Now? Isn't it ironic.

Today I'm also getting an injection in the tendon, to see if that helps with the healing and inflammation. I know that for some people, these things really work, while for others, not so much.

We'll see how it goes.


Joe said...

I'm so glad that you are considering (perhaps even embracing?) alternative forms of exercise.

I too had to switch from running to swimming a couple of years ago due to ankle tendonitis and some knee troubles. Then I went crazy into the swimming and hurt my shoulder a bit. After going back and forth a couple of times, I've learned to do a bit of both. It means that I'll never be elite at either but at least I might have some longevity. I hate getting old..

Good luck with the injection. I'd like to hear about the outcome.

MartyTheFool said...

Chin up Isis! This too will be over sooner than you can say:

"butterfly stroke"

Distract your self with the alternatives. Good on you girl.

Get a lemon and make some lemonade: You never can tell where this will lead. I do also LOVE yoga, and have done it for several years. I don't know the extent of your injury, but I would think you could easily modify any arm movements (Just don't do Reverse Namaste-prayer).

I hope the injection gets your there.

Joe said...

Hey, just because you're injured doesn't mean you're allowed to skip your Friday Random! Get to it, Sister!