Saturday, March 31, 2007


I don't want to jinx anything, but I think this cortisone shot might be doing its thing.

The PP and I had dinner at friends' last night, and then this morning we went to swim practice with our old swimteam. It was great to see folks after way too long, but because there have been, ahem, coaching changes there, there was no coach, just a group of swimmers, including my coach-friend who helped me train for Nationals. A feeling of frivolity was in the air, so we had "practice" moreso than practice. To me, it was GREAT to be in the water again (after a week and a half), so I did not mind kick-kick-kick. During a fly set, where my lanemate was swimming a 25 fly fast, I'd swim 25 fly kick underwater (with the big fins), and my lanemate was almost swimming on top of me, and he said he could get a draft off me. That was funny.

At one point in the "practice" the group was doing a set of 50s, where you swim 25 build and then 25 easy, IM order. I did most of the set kicking with short fins, but I tried out a little breaststroke swimming (with a much narrower, tightened in pull, in order not to strain the tendon), and that felt good. I also swam 4 x 25s of freestyle with short fins (and with a much wider entry, again to avoid the tendon). That felt good, too. So it was not enough swimming to make anything hurt or sore, but just to feel around a little.

This coming week is our team's spring break, so I think after that I will try to come back slowly.

Meanwhile, spin spin spin!


MartyTheFool said...

Way to show restraint Isis. I never would have thought about the fins, thats a great idea! Good leg workout too.....

Is there drafting in swimming? I wonder what that feels like.... to draft in a wake created by another swimmer. I know kayaks can do it but its a fine line between a draft and a....crash.

I'm so glad you are on the comeback road so quickly.

And also that you didn't abandon your 'post'. :-)


Scott said...

That's great the cortisone shot is working. Be sure to take it easy and not stress your shoulder at all.

Joe said...

That's great news! Take it slow and easy though and don't forget to ice.