Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The infamous 100 things.

OK, Joe is saying everyone should do it, and I see other people are, so I will, too.

100 things about me:

1. I am a lemming, apparently.

2. I am a superhero, or a goddess, but not in real life, where sometimes I cower in my house.

3. But my house kicks ass--you'd want to cower here, too.

4. I am not trying to be arrogant about the house, it's just that it is about 90 years old, with gorgeous windows, tons of wood, beautiful high ceilings, and two doorways per room.

5. And some questionable plumbing.

6. I like to plant things in the garden, but I have not done any of that since we moved last August.

7. We = me + Patient Partner + 2 cats.

8. Patient Partner is amazing. I am finding it harder and harder to imagine life without him, even though I never found it easy.

9. The cats are nutso, but I love them too.

10. I like to make up stories about the cats and their rich inner lives.

11. I have recently become obsessed with knitting, which I taught myself to do a few weekends ago. So far I have made 3 + 3/2 scarves.

12. I would like to learn to make hats.

13. I would like to learn to make ridiculous hats.

14. Knitting calms me.

15. I really need that.

16. I love swimming.

17. I cannot swim right now because I have tendonitis in my biceps tendon.

18. And lingering tightness in my anterior deltoid.

19. Sometimes after kicking 3000 yards I want to scream. (see #14)

20. Or cry.

21. But I cannot bear to be out of the water.

22. I do not love running because I feel like a trundling lump.

23. And I do not know how to breathe properly.

24. I know, it should be easy when you are not in the water.

25. I love cycling, but we do not do it anymore.

26. Partly this is circumstantial, partly because my bike is a hair too big, and partly it is because it takes so much time.

27. I have a great job where I get to spend a good bit of my time doing the things I want to do.

28. The other parts can be a drag, of course.

29. I enjoy cooking, but I do not find enough time to do it, especially with evening swim practices.

30. I am not afraid to try new things.

31. Because I just act like a clown when I am bad at things, to cover up the embarassment.

32. I enjoy learning new languages.

33. I love traveling.

34. I have done a lot of traveling alone, which is not exactly my preference, but it has its upsides.

35. But it is good to come home (see #3).

36. I rely on my friends, who sustain me.

37. And who I have a really great time with.

38. I spend almost all of my disposable income on (1) music, (2) yarn, and (3) eating out.

39. The PP and I do not have children so, according to a friend, we can throw our money away.

40. We really try not to do that, my recent visit to the Virgin Megastore excepted.

41. Oh yeah, and the dinner after Nationals where I accidentally ordered a $150 bottle of wine.

42. Blame it on 2 days of racing.

43. I am very proud of my medals from Nationals.

44. And the wine was pretty great.

45. I went dogsledding while I was in graduate school.

46. It was one of the best weeks of my life.

47. I secretly want to race dogs now.

48. But the sled won't get far in South Carolina.

49. I am on spring break right now, which is how I am finding time to actually write in my blog again, which I have missed.

50. But the knitting comes first.

51. I wish I were taller and thinner.

52. I have never felt a desire to have children.

53. I often admire and envy families with children.

54. I had no brothers or sisters growing up.

55. I am very, very good friends with my parents.

56. I often wonder what it would be like to have a sister or brother.

57. I am very bad at sharing my space.

58. The PP is an exception, but it took me a long time to learn to do that.

59. It was worth it.

60. He still teases me about how I thought we should have houses next door to one another.

61. That was not such a crazy idea, really.

62. But not financially viable.

63. I do not really like to shop, but recently I have been thinking a lot about shoes.

64. And bags.

65. I am not a religious person.

66. I have a profound sense of the ineffable.

67. Thinking too much about environmental problems makes me emo.

68. I would like to travel to Antarctica.

69. But not on one of those cruise ships where you take your photo with penguins.

70. I know how to play the piano.

71. But I never practice, and I do not play enough.

72. I wish I played more, and that I had real musical ability.

73. I am a jack of all trades, master of none.

74. I do not really mind that, most of the time.

75. I love sweets.

76. I wish I were more creative.

77. I wish I were more willing to take risks.

78. I would like to live in Italy for a while.

79. I love eggs. That's why I order a omelet.

80. I watch too much Law and Order.

81. I am more likely to participate in sports if I can do so with friends. (see #1)

82. I like watching basketball on TV.'

83. I frequently cannot watch UNC basketball on TV without leaving the room in agony.

84. I am not a Duke fan.

85. I am learning to be a Clemson fan, unrewarding though it can be.

86. I do not watch many movies.

87. I am mildly afraid of movies.

88. I am not afraid of French pastries.

89. I am addicted to the Washington Post's daily sudoku puzzle.

90. That is not the first video game I have gotten hooked on.

91. I just finished knitting my fourth scarf.

92. That leaves 2 partials to go.

93. I find knitting scarves out of that ribbon where there are little strings everywhere CONFUSING.

94. My favorite part of the knitting is the yarn.

95. Soon I will learn to knit hats.

96. And afghans.

97. And little animals.

98. And how to use those round knitting needles.

99. I will wrap the entire world in little knitted things.

100. Look out world.


estaminet said...

101. And, you can write like fuck-all! Reading this made it seem you were in my tiny disheveled apartment with me.

MartyTheFool said...

Isis Wrote:
22. I do not love running because I feel like a trundling lump.

23. And I do not know how to breathe properly.
Whats really funny to me is that I recently did this same thing. 100 things.

And: I said the EXACT same thing about swimming. I can swim beautifully....for about 20 yards, or about the time that I have to breathe. I can't get that part right. At. All. I'm working on it.

I re-built an 1890's victorian. it took me 17 years. I must have been nuts.

Question on your knitting: Is that causing any shoulder or bicep problems? or is it all from swimming?

Hope it heals for you. Soon.

Isis said...

Thank you, estaminet. I miss you.

Marty--I enjoyed your 100 things, and I think your swimming breathing comment resonated with my running problem! But could you say more about how the knitting might contribute to the tendonitis???

MartyTheFool said...

Isis! Soooo glad you came over!

The knitting: I was having some should issues, and I found that it was from using a laptop keyboard.

Without knowing it, I was 'hunching' up my shoulder as I used the on-board mouse.

SO: I reasoned, maybe the next time you are knitting, become aware of any tension in your shoulders due to the position of your hands.

I guess it might depend on which arm/shoulder it is, and if you are making any 'micro' movements with that arm as you knit. Or it's possible that you are 'pulling' those shoulders back or around to get your hands in better position to knit.....Or lowering your head, which puts a tremendous strain on your upper trapezoid muscles which could cause the shoulder issue.

Since I don't knit, I can't tell you if any of this is true. I do know something about ergonomics, so it's something to consider.

I hope you get it worked out, and get back in the water soon!

Let me know if you have any other questions, I'll help in any way I can.

Spence said...

SEE!!! I KNEW we connected for more reasons than one!! I'm a crazy knitter too!!! We should do a yarn swap...since I have more than I'll ever be able to knit in my life... I can give you some hat direction and some round needle direction too - I am also self taught.

btw, i've never had any shoulder pain from knitting but definitely can feel some elbow stuff and some carpal tunnel wrist action... be sure to stay relaxed!!!

I envy your need for space... I tend to overcrowd and get really impatient with being alone or on my own...

great list! thanks for sharing!

NCMarcus said...

Few people could make a poem out of a list of a hundred things. Beautiful.

Joe said...

> 19. Sometimes after kicking 3000 yards
> I want to scream.

Yikes, I'd be screaming after 400 yards.

> 22. I do not love running because
> I feel like a trundling lump.

Patience and persistence, My Young Apprentice.

> 38. I spend almost all of my disposable
> income on (1) music

No kidding...

> 63. I do not really like to shop,
> but recently I have been thinking
> a lot about shoes.

You women and your shoes!

> 82. I like watching basketball on TV.'

I didn't see that one coming! Are you a Steve Nash fan? Go Captain Canada!

> 84. I am not a Duke fan.

Can you spell Coach K's name?

BigT said...

As a "lonely only" I can relate to your reluctance to share your space.

Mrs. BigT is from a family of 12. You have heard the phrase, "when worlds collide"? Seriously I know where you are coming from on that one.

Magpie said...

The round knitting needles are easy. The double pointed ones you have to use at the tippy top of the hat: HORRIBLE.

And like Marty - I can't breath and swim at the same time. Stroke, stroke, stroke, stop to breath. Repeat.