Friday, May 11, 2007


Magpie did this, and you know how I love a bandwagon--particularly one devoted to poetic form!

You may often have wondered, "Isis, what form of poetry are you?" Well, thanks for asking:

Short, terse, unfriendly,
Yet sometimes quite emotive;
I am the Haiku.
What Poetry Form Are You?

But if you are not satisfied with that, the quiz notes that if I were not a haiku, I would be a triolet:

If they told you I'm mad, then they lied.
I'm odd, but it isn't compulsive.
I'm the triolet, bursting with pride;
If they told you I'm mad, then they lied.
No, it isn't obsessive. Now hide
All the spoons or I might get convulsive.
If they told you I'm mad then they lied.
I'm odd, but it isn't compulsive.

What Poetry Form Are You?

Oooh! French troubadour forms!

Top secret news for fans of Isis: not long ago I was invited to take over editing a fairly well known handbook of poetic forms. I have been struggling with whether to agree to do so. I wonder if this is some kind of sign?


MartyTheFool said...

Epistle. I am pretty sure. I like the 'address as a letter to one person' feel.

I have trouble with anything ryhming, because I hardly get to use the word I want to, if I have to rhyme it. (Lessee, what ryhmes with Purple? GAH!)

Thats SO COOL about the new Op! Yeah!

(BTW: One Trick Pony: yep. Love the Paul Simon stuff!)

Scott said...

I guessed I would be a sonnet and then took the test, which actually confirmed it! My alternative, the Heroic Couplet sounds pretty accurate too (though I'm guessing these 'personalities' have a lot in common with astrological signs' tendancy to be flattering) . Despite never being into poetry that was fun!

Timothy said...

I was going to guess which handbook, but a quick Google search shows me that the field is far wider than I ever suspected. And here Stephen Cushman had me thinking that the field began and ended with Fussell...

Very cool. If you do follow up on this opportunity, please make sure to use your powers for good, say by sparking a renaissance of terza rima in the hip-hop community. Now that would be some fresh flow, yo.

Magpie said...

It's a sign! Do it!