Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walking, talking question mark.

So is it a bad thing that now I take a shower every single day, and wash my hair when I do not need to? That I stand there and relish that wonderful water flow for longer than I should?

The little PICC-line hole in my arm is healing so beautifully. I have been cautioned by, oh, all the mothers in my life not to swim too soon, but to let it heal up completely. No worries! It is doing it on its very own. But I am feeling that itch for chlorine.... Patience, young Jedi.

And I have agreed to help the real coaches of our team teach several swim clinics this summer to summer-league kids. I am so excited about that. The way the clinics work is that there are four stations, and I am in charge of streamlines and pullouts. This is cool for two reasons: 1. I probably would not be the best flipturn teacher, since it has been so long since I learned that skill, and 2. I have pretty rockin' streamlines and pullouts, if I may say so myself. Or I should say, I HAD. This will motivate me to bring the mobility back in time to do the demonstrations I need to do without flinching.

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