Friday, August 10, 2007

Be careful what you say.

Remember yesterday, when I said taht 3700 LCM was the longest practice I had done since surgery?


Last night I stepped into the new coach's office before practice, just to tell him that I might modify the practice a little bit, because I was trying to be careful not to overdo things, but also to tell him how much I had enjoyed last night's workout.

"I don't think you need to worry about your shoulder tonight," he said, "because tonight we are doing a monster kick set."

Cool, I thought. I am used to a lot of kick.

But did I realize then that he meant (count them) 2300 meters of kick???!!!! No friends, I did not.

But that is what he meant, and that is what we did.

Here is the practice:
500 warm up (choice)
2300 kick with long fins (alternating easy/fast: 50/50, 100/50, 150/50, 200/50, 250/50, 300/50, 350/100, 400/100; the 400 was for time: I clocked 5:49)
1000 swim (2 rounds of 300 free swim @ 3:00 and then 4x50 stroke @1:10, 25 fast/25 easy)
300 cool-down
Total of 4100 LCM

Today I can hardly walk.

1 comment:

Joe said...

> Today I can hardly walk.

No kidding! That's a crazy amount of kick!