Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't give up on your trees, boy.

So I was just listening to the CD that came with the June/July issue of The Believer and working on the fourth piece of the PP's Christmas sweater, and something occurred to me.

(But first a digression: the fifth track on the CD is "The Painter" by I'm From Barcelona. The liner notes note: "There are twenty-nine people in I'm From Barcelona. They're from Sweden, not Spain. In Sweden, twenty-nine people may sometimes be considered a small town." Anyway, the song starts, "I'm just a painter, I do my crappy art, but I see what's in your eyes and I know what's in your heart." I thought it went "I'm just a painter, I do my crappy yard," and I thought, well, yeah, if you're a painter you don't pay for someone to mow your grass and it probably does look like hell. So then when the refrain came around, I thought it was "Don't give up on your trees, boy" [actual lyrics = replace "trees" with "dreams": I like my version better], and I ultimately think this was a subliminal message to me from I'm From Barcelona, because we have a beautiful old tree in our front yard that is slowly dying, and we are trying to decide whether to spend circa $800 to try to save it or just give up now and spend the $2000 to have it taken down. I think we're leaning toward keeping it around for a few more years, thanks to the "message" from the boys actually from Sweden.)

Anyway, as I was knitting and listening to "Everybody's Down" by No Age, described by the Believer folks as "one of three loud duos on this compilation," I thought to myself, "This is not the music I would have chosen for knitting, and yet I am enjoying myself immensely.

So this brings me (finally) to my point, which is actually a question for you, both of my readers: do you have particular tunes that you think go particularly well with particular activities? And what happens when you diverge from your preferred tendencies?


Magpie said...

Really? No. What I love love love beyond reason is shuffle. We've now got three sets of speakers in the house all wired for iTunes - I set it going and it goes. My go-to playlist is everything except classical and christmas, except in December when it's only christmas.

MartyTheFool said...

Hey Isis,

YES, I agree. Music for me is tied to what I'm doing. Classical when I'm cooking (especially Italian) Something harder and faster for work outs, nothing for running and biking.

Exceptions? I can't think of any except that maybe I can listen to Tom Waits while I do almost anything.

Nice to see your still here.

the fool

estaminet said...

Off the top of my head:
When I'm cooking something special and I'm alone in my apartment, I tend to play Al Green's "Greatest Hits." When I cook with my mother, drinking wine, we listen to Dolly Parton or Lyle Lovett. When I'm at the very end of a long car trip, I listen to Kirsty MacColl's "Tropical Brainstorm."
Hope you enjoyed your retreat. Will talk soon!