Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Random 10: I understand that time is running out Edition

I am sorry to say that I finally finished the last Harry Potter book. Granted, I got a late start because I insist on ordering them from the UK to get all the "blimeys" and to avoid the problem of title mangling. And then since everyone else had already read it by the time I got my copy, and this is (after all) the last book, I felt no rush to finish. So I have been stringing it out, reading a few chapters there then just one chapter here and a few pages before bed--as if it were a normal book.

But now it is over. Or as Tim says, all over but the movies. Or as Magpie pointed out, we could all get a copy of Harry Potter and the Big Funnel or (my personal fav) Harry Potter and the Chinese Overseas Students.

Can you tell it is Friday afternoon, that the brain has shut down, perhaps an hour or so in advance of the end of the work day?

So instead, because Tim reminded me of this too (yes, I do read other blogs...), Friday Random 10 for your sexy bod:
1. "Jump (for my love)," The Pointer Sisters
2. "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night," Prince, Sign O' the Times
3. "Universal Love," Trüby Trio, Elevator Music
4. "Aldeia de Okarimbé," Neguinho da Beija-Flor, Brazil Classics 2: O Samba
5. "En Geng Ska Han Greta" [One day he'll cry], Garmarna, Nordic Roots: A Northside Compilation
6. "Roger the Miller," Karan Casey, Songlines
7. "James Brownian Motion," The Evolution Control Committee
8. "Mexican Radio, Wall of Voodoo
9. "Cafe de Flore," Doctor Rockit, The Unnecessary History of Doctor Rockit
10. "Bush Killa," Paris, Sleeping with the Enemy

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