Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Knitting Round-Up.

Given that I did not start knitting until mid-February of this year, I have accomplished quite a bit.

I have learned the basic stitches, increasing and decreasing, how to knit simple lace, how to use circular needles and dpns, how to finish sweaters.

I have made:

15 scarves

9 hats

4 sweaters

2 baby afghans

2 pairs of mittens

1 shawl

In case you were wondering, that took a shitload of yarn. That means I have also purchased a lot of yarn (and um, also some yarn for future projects).

In progress, I have another shawl, a baby hat, a to-be-felted bowl, a sweater that is having gauge issues, and my very first ever sock!

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mateen said...

Hey, Isis!

Little did I know I could check your blog and thereby avoid having to ask for a count of the needles. You know old Mateen--a devotee of dexterity!