Thursday, December 27, 2007

An open letter to new Isis-ball owners!

Dear people in Internets Land who have questions about your new Isis ball puzzle:

Merry Christmas.

If you want:

(1) solution tips,
(2) step-by-step instructions,
(3) to know how it works,
(4) an x-ray image of the darned thing,
(5) to know whether it has to face magnetic north,
(6) a list of people who solved it, or
(7) an isis ball that does not hate freedom,

then I am terribly sorry, but you have come to the wrong place.

Keep puzzling away!



MartyTheFool said...


I'm left handed thinker. These three D puzzles are a, well, Puzzle to me.

Did you get one?


Isis said...

NO--and I'm no good at such things. But I kept seeing references in my site meter....

Hope you're well!!!!!