Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thirteen Pet Peeves.

Magpie inspired me to get a few things off my chest. Please congratulate me, because it has taken tremendous restraint to think globally and so not list "My sling" as Number One.

1. People who drive slow in the left lane.
2. People who tailgate in the right lane.
3. People who do not signal when they plan to turn.
4. People who signal even though they do not plan to turn.
5. Late papers.
6. My sling. (OK, sorry: I could not resist. You may rescind your congrats.)
7. People who reply to all when they really have something to say only to the person who sent the e-mail.
8. Ubiquitous Christmas music.
9. People who when walking have no sense of there being other people in the world, let alone in their quadrant of the sidewalk.
10. "Special" displays that clog up the middle of crowded grocery store aisles.
11. Advertisements that use "quotation marks" for "emphasis."
12. Misuse of the word "comprise."
13. Most of the arguments made by letters to the editor in our local paper.

There. I feel better now. I feel better than James Brown. How do you feel?


Magpie said...

Well, I feel better.

I asked the supermarket cashier today if she was sick of the Christmas music yet. She gave me the most wonderful withering look - it really was funny.

You're allowed to be sick of your sling.

Anonymous said...

How many days left for the sling?

Joe said...

> 13. Most of the arguments
> made by letters to the
> editor in our local paper.

One of my letters to the editor was published recently:

I wonder if you would have been peeved by my arguments?

Isis said...

Joe--I wish there were MORE letters like yours! It has spirit! Zest! And something worthwhile to say.