Monday, December 03, 2007

Meanwhile, have a ball.

A word on the Politicians: my poetry is angelic ravings, and has nothing to do with dull materialistic vagaries about who should shoot who. The secrets of individual imagination—which are transconceptual and non-verbal—I mean unconditioned spirit—are not for sale to this consciousness, the music of the spheres. Who denies the music of the spheres denies poetry, denies man, and spits on Blake, Shelley, Christ, and Buddha. Meanwhile, have a ball. The universe is a new flower. America will be discovered. Who wants a war against roses will have it. Fate tells big lies, and the gay creator dances on his own body in eternity.

--Allen Ginsberg, "Notes Written on Finally Recording Howl," 1959


Joe said...

Ummm, do you have the Coles Notes version of that passage? :-)

MartyTheFool said...


Cool, and very cool pics on your last post of your surgery.


I trust your feeling better....

the fool