Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Another (completely sincere) Open Question

[NOTE: This is the short version. I thought the other version was eaten by the ether, and I sure as hell was not going to reconstruct it. Probably just as well, I thought, since it was long-winded and writing-to-think instead of writing-to-communicate. So if you want to get to the point read this one.]

Dear Readers,

Will you help me with another question?

(Not-so-confidential to Burger King: this is not a joke.)

This morning, instead of doing my work, reading a book (of course in Italian) from 1940 by Giuseppe Bottai, then minister of education to Mussolini's regime, I am wrestling with this question:

How does an individualist philosophy/position/worldview deal with those individuals who do not or cannot define their own position and principles?

A more leftist view sets as its goal having the state provide for such people. I recognize that in actuality many of the programs designed to reach that goal fail. So where do such people fit in a libertarian or individualist economy?

(I hope that those of you with backgrounds in philosophy will forgive what are certain to be uncertainties in my language. Work with me: I just want to understand that position better.)

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