Saturday, February 26, 2005

What's on your desk?

Over at The Believer, a bunch of real writers have answered the two part query, "What are you working on? What's on your desk?"

Oddly enough, The Believer did not ask me, but I am going to tell you anyway.

On my desk: one mug, printed with the names of my entire high school graduating class, filled with pens; the January sheet from my Italian calendar; Donatello among the Blackshirts: History and Modernity in the Visual Culture of Fascist Italy (Cornell 2005), edited by Claudia Lazzaro and Roger J. Crum; Politica Fascista delle Arti by Giuseppe Bottai (Roma 1940); a folder titled "Upcoming Travel," in which I am trying to keep from losing my mind; my little clipped-together pad of scrap paper; yet another box of tissues (almost empty); another cup, this one bearing a photo of many of my college friends, holding bookmarks; stamps; a Birra Moretti coaster; my cellphone, whose voice mail I have recently set up and learned to access; a reminder to set up an appointment with my dermatologist; the remote for my CD player; the floppy-disk drive for my laptop; and last but not least, my laptop (and my elbows).

All of which to try to answer, what am I working on? Well, in addition to trying to get rid of my sinus congestion, I am trying to get this darned book written, about Ezra Pound and his investment in Italian fascism. That's right, folks: rejection letter #1 arrived on Friday (happy weekend), but I persisted unabashed and wrote eleven new pages on my chapter in progress, about the revival of Vivaldi's music during the inter-war years. Take that, Yale University Press!

And you? What's on your desk? And what are you working on?


pk said...

pk has a comment for Furious, can't find his email, so I just slap it here:
pk's macroinformation blog has budded into three blogs, all at
The piece on the news as advertising got moved to IonaArc and also to
I'll reserve macroinformation for Macroinformation comments.

I know I have your email address somewhere!

Anonymous said...

A subset of items (the more interesting ones):

Paper, opened to page 6, entitled Constructing Crossword Grids: Use of Heuristics Vs ConstraintsUpside down bottle of honey

1 purple Nexium pen

1 candy cane pen with mint-scented ink

1 Border Sauce HOT that says "Heads..." on it

1 Gentoo Linux x86 Handbook

1 Blue bug-eyed owl stuffed animal head

One color chart entitled Nonprose/Prose Discrimination Based on Two Entropy Values --actually several charts similar to that

One 32 oz plastic mug that says, St. Patrick's Day, Spanky's, Savannah, GAWorking on?

Checking to make sure that a program that attempts to discriminate between prose text and everything else works correctly on Redhat 9 Linux.

Anonymous said...

darn formatting got messed upForgot to sign the above...

Horvus "Ace" Callithumper

Isis said...

Hey, Horvus, where did you get the nickname "Ace"?

Anonymous said...

Therious, I'm glad you asked.
A good friend of mine (really smart and witty) gave it to me. I should really try to get in touch with her.