Saturday, February 26, 2005

Encouraging binge drinking, one mash-up at a time.

One day, back when I lived in a town with a great used CD store, I took my purchases up to the counter, and looking at what I had, the clerk said, "Ah, Pere Ubu and the Pet Shop Boys, together at last." Who would have guessed that those two would spend the next 10 years, at least, side by side in my alpha order scheme.

The best mash-ups leave you with that same feeling: who knew?

I hear that the cool kids are past mash-ups, but screw them. If you like rx, but are getting tired of W, you might need to branch out. Here is a good one of Tony Blair (and the Iron Lady herself) Rockin' It, thanks to BudtheWeiser (props Music For Maniacs).

While you're at it, there is more fine work on You do not want to miss Miss Frenchie's reunion of M and The Who. Really you do not. I like the idea of mixing Q-Tip with Huey Lewis (thank you, Mr. Shakyhands Man), but Q's voice is so sped up you almost do not recognize his fabulousness. Faz knew that Missy Eliot needed the Human League. This one is so much more than just a new look at Wings.

And Audio Shrapnel is just sick, sick sick.

The rest you can check out for yourself.

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