Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So I remembered the hard way, that really you don't want to eat more than one paczek at a time. No, let me clarify: you DO want to eat more than one--many more--but really you should not. I learned this many years ago, when my roommate and I had bought a dozen of the plum ones, but I had forgotten this wisdom until, well, about 45 minutes ago, when I went ahead and ate the cream-filled one. (SO good.) Now I need to go lie down.

Consider yourself warned.


Dribbenteacher said...

It is on the wild wings of pure chance I have come upon and read your blog. The fury in your words provokes me to ask, can a paczek really make you furious?
Your words are intriguing and interesting; two streams of consiousness passing in the prism!


freeman said...

Happy Paczki Day!

I just ate a raspberry one here at work a few minutes ago. I would have had more than one if it wasn't the last one.