Friday, October 07, 2005

Dear fans,

I just came across this, which perhaps was not intended for me, but fuck it: I'll jump on it. After all, I think the flaming puck suits me, don't you?

I hope that by this time next week you will all be wearing FURY thongs. Yes, all of you.


Tim said...

I might wear a "Fury groupie" T, provided they are available in men's large, but for the love of God don't make me put on the Fury Chick thong. There are some things humanity was not meant to know.

estaminet said...

(Nobly restrains self from responding to Tim's comment)

I want a t-shirt too.

Isis said...

OK, OK, I hear you, peeps. Well, do we want to go with the "Fury groupie" (in men's L) or the "Fury--we're serious about our skating"

Or do I need to get my act together and design something?