Monday, October 17, 2005

Digesting my own liver.

Today's goal: take an essay that clocks in with 6,333 words and hack at it until there are fewer than 5,000 words. (i.e., 4,999)

It's a strange and lonely process: sure, there are some words that need to go, especially when you're as wordy a writer as I am. But others? The private pain of self-destruction!

So far I am down to 5,551--better than half-way. The bad news, of course, is that the obvious fat is trimmed away and in the trash.


Rebecca said...

If worst comes to worst, you could start omitting articles and other words that people should be able to figure out.

Or you could use a trick I saw in Hebrew the other day: Hyphenate arbitrary words. If you're using lots of jargon, this could be even more fun. (For example, "The-Other".)

Hopefully, you have better ways to cut words, before you have to resort to this.

Isis said...

Those are excellent suggestions! And silly me, I had always thought that missing words were mistakes.