Friday, October 28, 2005

Tomorrow comes today.

I don't really understand why everyone has been calling the last week or two The Waiting Game. I understand that there are some serious things we might all still be waiting for--waiting for the night or a train, waiting around to die, or even waiting for the great leap forwards. We all wait for these things. Some of us must even confess that we have been rightly pegged as an accident waiting to happen.

But somehow, I don't think that's what all the cognoscenti are talking about. There seems to be some larger sense out there that something's coming and it's gonna be good.

But as for me, I have received all the fulfillment I could ever ask for. What my dedicated readers may not know is that I live for photos of people driving--or being driven to work.

And this is my big week!

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Tim said...


"waiting for the night or a train..."

How about "waiting for the night to fall, when everything is bearable"?

How about waiting for a ...


Miami, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Raleigh, North Carolina
Washington D.C.
Oh, and Richmond, Virginia too...