Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hangin' with my best friend, Paranoia.

People, I know I just said no to political postings after the election, but I just can't help myself here. I am trying to figure out whether, as my self-declared paranoid friend suggested yesterday, we are being set up for a tremendous fall by the anticipation over the Fitzgerald investigations. My friend's sense is that the administration, by suggesting that Scooter or Karl or even Dick Cheney himself might be in Fitzgerald's line of fire, is setting us up to think that anything less is "nothing," not worth worrying about, not an indication of wrong-doing.

The trouble with my paranoid friend is that sometimes he turns out to be right.

Meanwhile, why are people not marching in the streets over Exxon/Mobile's profiteering from Katrina?

And I still can't figure out whether to celebrate that Harriet Miers is withdrawing from consideration for the Supreme Court or to shake in my boots over how this was also some scam on the part of the administration to rally support for an arch-conservative ideologue nominee?

Or should I have called this post, "When the world is running down..."?


Tim said...

To your first question: all signs point to no. An implication, if not an actual indictment, of Scooter seems (Seems? Nay it is. I know not seems) highly likely, as does some sort of perjury charge for the Turd Blossom. And there is a good sense among the congnoscenti that the buck won't stop there.

With respect to your last question: celebrate. The president's mojo gets diminished just prior to major revelations in the Plame case, and Sandra Day O'Connor will still be on the bench when the court hears three abortion cases in November.

Rebecca said...

I have an alternative conspiracy theory for the last one (stolen from a friend elsewhere): There is something so bad (torture? other illegal ideas people have had?) in the White House documents that Miers would rather resign than let it get out. After all, she did technically cite "attorney-client privilege".

Probably an overly paranoid idea, though.

Isis said...

No, Rebecca: there is no such thing as "Overly Paranoid" here at the Fury blog.

Tim, I hope hope hope you are right.