Monday, July 10, 2006

Not of brick or bamboo.

The PP caught up on my blog last night and said, "You haven't written about anything but the World Cup." Yow. He's right. Can we say obsession?

But now I need to move on, deal with reality, come clean about what else is new. Well, house stuff mostly, no surprise there. And how exciting exactly is it to read about someone else's anxiety? Let me tell you: not that exciting.

Now things are finally coming together with this house. Loan approval, appraisal, inspection, title search--they're all as they should be. (Which is more than I can say for the kitchen wallpaper, which we will need to change immediately.)

So we have a close date: 21 July. That is not even two weeks away!

In the meantime, I have turned our current house into a cardboard chaos. Just so you know, I am a true goddess when it comes to packing, and we are to the point where we almost cannot pack any more without packing things we use regularly. The cats are freaked by all the changes, but they also love perching on the towers of boxes.

And our present house is under contract, and set to close on 15 August. Amazing to think that all this might just be settled in time for the start of classes.

It is not easy to imagine this new lifestyle, where there will actually be some cool things within walking distance, where we will have steep stairs to negotiate, where there will be hardly any lawn to mow, where we will swim with a new team, where I will have a long commute, where we can luxuriate on our big front porch, where we could get the New York Times delivered to our door. No, not easy, but it is fun!

Now if only we could get through the rest of the packing, the move, the roof replacement, the changes of address, the de-wallpapering and repainting, the unpacking.


Rebecca said...

I am very impressed at your packing goddess skills. Based on our last moving experience (in which, at the last minute, we had to bring in reinforcements in the form of my parents and Ami's parents), I am a mere packing mortal.

Of course, I am also very jealous of the fact that you close on your current house AFTER your own the first one. That should help.

estaminet said...

The unpacking is fun. It's like Christmas, only all the gifts are things you already own. You rediscover how fond you are of your stuff...and which stuff you want to chuck.

Does all this activity mean you won't be coming north at the end of July?

Isis said...

Good point about the unpacking: I'll look forward to that.

And no, no change in the plans for late July.