Tuesday, July 11, 2006

O, to be in Roma!

La Repubblica reports there were one million people in the Circus Maximus for the party celebrating the return of you know who. The Guardian said yesterday that there were more people there watching Sunday's game than there had been since classical times.

NCMarcus, who has been rather busy with rather important things lately, and so did not get to see the game, asked if I knew what Materazzi had said. If only. That question seems to be the big one. The family of Zidane has their theories about what Materazzi might have said to provoke such an outburst. Le Monde has excerpts today from an interview with Materazzi, where he said he neither called Zidane a terrorist nor insulted his mother. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation says lipreaders are on the scene. Le Figaro has a lovely tribute to Zidane's career. Corriere della sera responds to the Guardian's allegations, and offers some theories of their own. Zidane is silent.

But back to the celebration in Roma. Check out the party bus!

On the back it says "campioni del mondo," with a "4" and four stars. Indeed.

You can see video here, and how perfect to have the Adriano Celentano song. I listened to that while I chopped veggies for dinner on Sunday night. And notice that while most in the crowd are waving the tricolore, there are still one or two partisans with Roma flags.


BigT said...

Ah yes, to be in Roma. My cousin lives there. I have not heard from him yet! He is probably still on the streets somewhere.

I saw pictures from the AP. What a great celebration. And what a classy group of guys.

It is too bad that all we keep hearing about is Zidane, though.

Also, I was in the old country in 1979 and Adriano had a song that was very popular that year but I can't remember it, for some reason. I am sure his current song is very good.

Isis said...

Could be the same song--this is not a new one.

I'd be interested to hear your cousin's impressions.