Friday, February 09, 2007

Crazy Random Friday Thingy: Ice is nice Edition

I just came back from icing my shoulder (I am not making that up) to find a comment from Joe. He said, "How's the shoulder, Isis? I propose you change your blog's name to The Secrets of Ice It. Just kidding.... I'll check back later for your crazy random Friday thingy."

Be careful what you ask for, Joe!

But thanks for asking about the shoulder. It is, I would say, better than it has been since last week. Nothing like my new "all kick, all the time" program for allowing the shoulder to heal! Actually, today I managed to swim my entire warm-up. Yes, swim. Very exciting, and particularly because I am experiencing some toe blisters from my fins.

All to say, here comes a not-at-all-random 10 for you. Can you sense a theme?

1. "Walking on Thin Ice," Yoko Ono (Double Fantasy)
2. "Ice Cool," The Yockamo All-Stars (Do Drop Out)
3. "Iceman," Ben Neill (Traveler '03 [bonus disc])
4. "Soul on Ice," Me'shell NdegeOcello (Plantation Lullabies)
5. "Fire and Ice," Pat Benatar
6. "Ice Pick," Albert Collins (Ice Pickin')
7. "Flyswatter/Ice Water Blues," Lyle Lovett (Joshua Judges Ruth)
8. "Ice Dance," London Symphony Orchestra (Winterscapes)
9. "Ice Cream Man," Tom Waits (The Early Years)
10. "Ice Cream Shop," Giorgio Conte (L'ambasciatore dei sogni)


Joe said...

Thank GOD I didn't see "Ice, Ice Baby" in that list! Hehe.

As for the blisters, have you tried wearing socks with your fins? It works. I'm not making this crap up! I've been using socks for the last year.

mateen said...

The ice woman hath cometh!!!