Tuesday, February 20, 2007

That time again.

The Cod made this claim today:

There are exactly six kinds of people today: people who are in Mobile, New Orleans, or Rio, and those who wish they were in Mobile, New Orleans, or Rio, representing respectively JV, varsity, and all-star levels of debauchery.

Here I must disagree, by adding two additional categories: those who are in the greater Hamtramck metro area, and those who wish they were. You can count me among the latter. We are the devotees of Super-Size I-gotcher-Fat-Tuesday-right-here debauchery, because what great debauchery can there be than one that sends you on the path to eminent, if not immediate, system shut down. What says seize the day like Polish doughnuts 'til you burst?

Friends, I am not alone. There, as usual, the huddling masses searching Google for "paczki calories" and "paczki pronunciation" and "weight watchers point paczki." Abandon hope, ye who enter here! And trust me, the pronunciation of Polish consonants is the least of your concerns.

Then there are the truly lost, such as this fine person from Colorado:

Yes, I'm one of those poor souls googling colorado+paczki. I did the same thing last year. Every year I search up and down for paczki's in Colorado but have found none to no avail. I'm making my own this year. Anyhow, as I was saying I was searching again and stumbled across your blog and had to laugh. Thought you'd like to know I called every bakery I could find in Hamtramack to see if they ship but I was told "no" from each place I called. Please post if you find any place to mail order them.Desparate in Colorado. - JR

Not to mention this poor soul, Jenny, right here in the upstate:
I found your blog by doing a Google search for Greenville and paczki. I moved here from Indiana but I never would have if I had known I would have to give up my paczkis! I discovered them in Indiana (happily) about five years ago and I've been looking everywhere.

That's right, folks. Another paczki day has come and nearly gone, and like Jenny and JR, I am up the paczki creek.



estaminet said...

Perhaps I shouldn't mention, then, that my local grocery store here in Richmond, VA carries them.

Isis said...

Yes, perhaps you SHOULDN'T HAVE.

But I hope you bought some, devoured them, and thought about how next year you'd mail some to me.

Joe said...

I bet you could find a bakery in Milwaukee that makes them. I have visited that place on business a few times and I was amazed by the variety of baked goods that were available there. Ever had a kringle? I know, I know, the kringle is Danish not Polish but I wouldn't be surprised if they had your paczki there. Man, I bet Milwaukee is the fat capital of the US.

Sunshine Raccoon said...

(Combs paczki crumbs out of whiskers, looks up alertly.)


Sarah said...

estaminet - WHERE are there paczkis in Richmond? I just moved here from Michigan and am blown away that nobody has heard of them!

Brigitte said...
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Brigitte said...

estaminet- Which store in Richmond? I also moved to Richmond from Michigan and I have been unable to find them anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I have been here since 1978 and nver saw them in Richmond. I think that's a lot of mularkey.