Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow day, part 2.

So what does a goddess do on a snow day, you may be asking.

Well let me tell you.

For one thing, she takes time away from her exciting life to write to you about it. Lucky you.

For another thing, she lets her eyes wander to the massive snowball fight that erupted in her neighborhood. It is interesting to live in a city neighborhood because you do not own your snow. For instance, our goddess found herself at one point asking, Why is my neighbor stealing the snow off my car to throw it at his child? Who does he think he is? I had plans for that snow! But really, because the snow is outside (just as well), it is communal snow. Redistribution of snow from those who have plenty to those who need some. She likes her city neighborhood.

For another thing, she trolls the internet for updates about the weather. Here is helpful advice for you from WYFF4 news.

For another thing, she wonders whether her day would be going better if she had bought the required bread and milk yesterday. Or what the lack of weather stripping and storm windows will mean for inside temperatures if the power goes.

For another thing, she does not go to swim practice, because it has been cancelled.

And for another thing, she reads the copy-edited manuscript for the edition that she spent the better part of the last couple of years working on. You may not realize how fascinating that kind of work is. For instance, how frequently have you had the chance to respond to such captivating questions as "Not in abbreviations list--add?" or "appositive comma >> only one associate OK?" or "page 4 of YVP 4, yes?" or "Harun al-Rashid or Harun-Al-Rashid?"

I know: you envy her. You should. This is the life, really.

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