Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Kicker (with apologies to Horace Silver).

Last night, as on Saturday, I did most of the practice kick. I had learned from my massage therapist on Friday that things were not improving in my left shoulder as I would have hoped (I was not surprised), so I am trying to lay off it at practice.

First to go was backstroke, which pulled a bit too much on the biceps tendon and the pec, because of the rotation. I never would have thought I would say it, but I miss it.

Then pulling much at all went next, because it felt like it was straining, which is just what I do not want to do. So on Saturday I did a mostly regular warm-up, followed by the designated kick set, followed by nothing but kick for the rest of practice. That came to 3300 meters (~3625 yards), of which 2200 meters (or ~2425 yards) was kick. Yes, some of that was with fins, but still: yuck.

Then yesterday at work, doing nearly nothing at all, I felt a little twinge in that tendon conglmeration, and it felt like a guitar string slapping against my body, or being twanged a bit too much. Double yuck.

All to say my goal at practice last night was to see just how much kicking a human being could do without (a) their legs falling off, and (b) losing their mind. I cannot say that highly scientific protocols were followed or that my results are necessarily statistically significant, but of a 3700 yard practice, I kicked 3000 (some with fins). And my legs feel it today.

Now I have a phone number for a good physical therapist and I will soon make the call.


Joe said...

Yikes that's a lot of kick. I think I'd go crazy.

I've never had a bad shoulder injury but I've had bad injuries before. I feel for you, I really do.

How much longer are you going to let this go on before you start considering more aggressive options like surgery? I guy at our club had shoulder surgery and he was like a new man afterwards. Surgery is not appropriate for everyone, I suppose, but it might be an option for you. Plus, you'd be able to take cool narcotic pain killers after the surgery!

Isis said...

Whoa: you are waaaaaay out ahead. I am not willing to consider surgery unless ABSOLUTELY necessary--too big a thing. I don't think this is anything that will require that; probably a tendon thing or something, not really in the rotator cuff arena.

But thanks for the kind words.

Joe said...

How's the shoulder, Isis? I propose you change your blog's name to The Secrets of Ice It. Just kidding.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'll check back later for your crazy random Friday thingy.