Sunday, January 05, 2014

Candida Cleanse, Day 3 UPDATE: A Confession about Butter.

So yesterday late afternoon, i.e., Day 3, PP grilled some very nice turkey bratwurst for our dinner. You may remember that I was having some fat cravings after my swim. I also roasted some diced brussels sprouts in olive oil, with sliced garlic, sea salt (N.B.: iodized salt has sugar in it), and pepper, and then some lemon juice on the top after the cooking. It was pretty tasty, though I admit that the turkey bratwurst was a little dry--not the big juicy sausage experience I was hoping for.

Anyway, since we ate early, I found myself wanting a snack later--kind of "dessert"--so I made us popcorn with butter. The first time that I had done this, I had used way too little butter, so it didn't really scratch the "fat" itch, which was as close to dessert as I come.

Friends, this time I may have overdone it.

Indeed, there may have been a little pool of butter at the bottom of the bowl.

And it was delicious.

But I am embarrassed.

Next time, PP says, he'll butter his own popcorn. But I noticed that the didn't leave any behind.

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