Thursday, January 09, 2014

Candida Cleanse, Day 8: BANANAS.

According to the rules of my Candida Cleanse, I can have 1-2 fresh fruits a day, starting today.


Yesterday a friend suggested that if they allow one piece of fruit, why not make it a watermelon? I see his point, and yet. . . .

This morning I cut up half a banana and put it under my usual oatmeal concoction. Delicious!

Also, I feel hopeful that since I successfully followed the rules for 7 days, I can do it for another 7 days.

Left-over pork green chili (made by the PP on Sunday--delicious) with corn chips
Fizzy water with lime

2 cups rooibos tea
Oatmeal with butter, sliced almonds, and BANANAS

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