Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Candida Cleanse, Day 6: The Polar Vortex.

In between work today, I have spent entirely too much time on Facebook cracking jokes about the Polar Vortex. Is it a good name for a bar? A super-villain? A super-power? A starship? The Borg? A Cylon? (Does it have a plan?) Something akin to the Force? The name of a girl gang? And so on and so on and so on and then it hit me:

I have not really been thinking about my Candida Cleanse today.

That is a good feeling, because last night I got pretty weepy and sorry for myself about having to limit what I eat and drink (Water again? Yes, thank you), not really being able to go out to eat or order in because I have to be so careful, what a drag it is to have to cook every single meal, and all while I'm already trying to fight off feeling sorry for myself because I AM ON SICK LEAVE FOR PETE'S SAKE and am already struggling with an unpredictable and generally crappy disease.

So to not be thinking about food is awesome.

Less awesome is that I have kind of gotten tired of the few snacks I can have, and so have the cats. The PP likes to share food with the cats, so they are always checking out what we are eating, with their little hopeful eyes. And they keep turning away in disgust from my carrots and celery, hummus and almond butter. In fact, one of them even snorted her disgust.

I feel your pain, little spoiled cats.

But for today, I am enjoying the hell out of the Polar Vortex. And I understand tonight is Taco Night!

Oatmeal with butter and almonds
2 cups rooibos tea

Celery with almond butter

ANOTHER SNACK (scheduling SNAFU meant no real lunch):
Carrots with hummus

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