Monday, October 11, 2004

Correzione: i valori nutrizionali

I take that back! In my previous post I noted that parma ham might not be that hot nutritionally.

But but but, according to the Consortium of Prosciutto di Parma, I was wrong.


They say that prosciutto di Parma contains no artificial preservatives or colorings, nitrites or nitrates, and that because it contains less fat than an adult cow or turkey, it works for a low-fat diet. Furthermore, it has low cholesterol content, comparable to that of veal, chicken, or rabbit--not to mention the high percentage of beneficial oleic acid.

But here is the best part:

Per la presenza di aminoacidi liberi, il Prosciutto di Parma è indicato nella dieta degli sportivi, anche perché le sue proteine grazie alla stagionatura diventano più leggere e digeribili, pur se "sostanziose".

Because of the presence of free amino acids, prosciutto di Parma is suitable for the diet of athletes, especially because thanks to the seasoning, its proteins are more easy to digest, even more "nourishing."

Leave it to the Italians to come up with such a perfect food.

Incidentally, the Consortium has a wonderful list of recipes, if you read Italian.

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