Friday, October 29, 2004

Join the Party Party

For those of you who tried to listen to "KGBtv" when I posted about it last, but found that the song had been taken down from its old site, you'll want to run not walk to the new site of The Party Party, which also features some fine new tunes and lots of W. audioart.

I like the line from "Boys and Girls": "Tonight I have a message for the brave and proud people of the United States of America: your enemy is not surrounding your country; your enemy is running your country."

But I nearly fell out of my chair listening to "Who's the Nigga?": Bush undermining his own rhetoric. He tries to get out the nigga vote--even as he acknowledges that black men were denied the vote in Florida in 2000. I felt like I was listening to my own fantasy of truth.

Brilliant. Listen to it now.

Thank you, The Party Party, for this and all you do.

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