Thursday, April 27, 2006

The continuing saga of my vision.

No, no, no, I don't mean that I'm having visions, or that I have completed the work on the book I've been editing.

I mean, it's freakin unbelievable how much detail I have been missing. For instance, I have never seen anyone's facial expressions during swim practice, except the people in my lane. Everybody else just looks like stylized stick figures with blobs for heads.

(Whoa, warning: I was going to put an image in here, and in looking at google for stick figures I came across a link for "all nude teen stick figures." I don't even want to know.)

Anyway, now they all have facial expressions, and I can see the second hand on the pace clock, and the ceiling tile that is hanging precipitously over lane 2 looks all the more menacing.

Last night when I took the contacts out to go to bed, I was aSTONished to remember how little I see through glasses compared with contacts. Peripheral zone in focus? Forget it.

But my face looks funny and naked. I suppose that is a small price to pay.


Joe said...


Your writing style absolutely hilarious! You should charge admission to your blog!

I'm glad the contacts are working out for you. I, too, am badly nearsighted and have been wearing contacts to swim practice all season. I should probably get laser surgery.

Even though I can see the clock, I don't always use it. For one thing, the clock at the far end of the pool seems to run slower than the clock at the near end, so you can't trust the clocks for sets of 25's or 75's.

Also, when we are doing sets of 400's or greater, it's easy to lose track of the minutes so you may end up leaving one minute too early or too late.

So, most of the time, I use the countdown timer (in "repeat" mode) on my Timex Ironman watch. The bonus is that the beeping from my watch "entertains" the other swimmers when we are pushing off underwater to start the next rep.

Isis said...

Yeah, except when we are swimming with the coach, the 2 clocks are usually out of synch. I used to use my tri watch, but now I don't like to wear it swimming because I feel like it catches on my body during my BR pullout. But I love the idea of the beeping!