Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Musica di ciclismo.

I hope you're all sitting down as you read this because I have surprising news: I got on my bike on the trainer on Monday.

Granted, it was hard to find it under all the dust, and I almost could not remember how to pedal (forwards or backwards?).

But finally I did ride the trainer for a half an hour. I was a little worried that if I went further than that either my head would explode or the stars would fall from the sky or at least I'd end up really sore the next day.

And it was really fun! I could remember then why I used to like to ride my bike so much, and even did not mind the trainer if I had decent music. I admit it: I have this experience a lot, where I get on the bike, have a great time, remember that I like it, deal with the sore crotch, ride a few times and then don't. I am not sure why it happens. Well, I have some theories, but that is not what I am going to write about.

What I am going to write about is music and stationary cycling. For a very short time, I taught spinning classes, and apart from yelling directions at people, what I really loved was that Spinning combines sweating and DJ'ing. What a great thing! The idea is to put together a musical program to accompany the workout you have in mind, and the music is supposed to allow different paces but also encourage specific activities (climbing, sprinting, etc.)

Ever since then I keep one part of an ear open for good cycling music.

Lately, as some of you know, I cannot get enough of the gypsy rhythms, and it turns out--you will maybe not believe me at first--that polkas make great cycling music. Why? Because of the repetition of the musical theme, and the way that they often either get faster or more intense, which makes them perfect for my favorite stationary cycling game, "Another Notch!" I admit I took the name from Emeril, but it is just so perfect: you start off at a pretty easy pace, but each time the tune comes around (perhaps on the guitar), you crank you rear derailleur up ANOTHER NOTCH.

Cyboc has been thinking lately about running music. He asked me if I make running mixes, which I don't much, since I can't really run these days, but here is a cycling mix from a couple (um I mean 7) years ago. Maybe it is time for a new one.

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Joe said...

Good mix. I really like running to Rescue Me. Excellent beat.