Monday, April 17, 2006

Psych sheets are up!

The folks at USMS have posted the psych sheets for the 2006 SCY nationals. After a lot of anticipation and fretting (let's be honest) it is exciting to see who and how deep the competition will be in the W 30-34 category--who has entered, who has aged up, etc. There are 1,270 swimmers registered in the meet, and 55 women altogether in my age group. And in my events: 16 in the 50 FL, 9 in the 200 BR, 25 in the 50 FR, and 15 in the 100 BR.

You might think that seeing that I am in pretty good shape in my target events would make me calmer, but it doesn't. It freaks me out.

I start my taper on the 28th of April. I leave for Coral Springs on 10 May. I train and check things out on 11 May. On the 12th and 13th, I race.

Now, if I could just get my nerves settled in the meantime.


Joe said...

Does a "psych sheet" simply show who is entered is which events? Or does it also show the heats and lane assignments? I've never heard that term before.

Nine from your age group in the 200 breast? That's a lot of people with death wishes. Man that's a tiring event.

I'm glad you're excited, BTW! It sounds like it is going to be really fun!

Isis said...

A psych sheet lists everyone entered in an event from fastest to slowest. They are basically a way for people entered to make sure their entry is there, and then the meet organizers organize the heats from there.

I am a little worried about how they will split that 200BR. There are 9 death-wishers entered, but 8 lanes in the pool. My entry is about in the middle, so I am wondering whether I'll end up in the "fast" heat or the "slow" heat.

Joe said...

At all the masters meets here (even the upcoming Provincial Championships), they seed according to time only, ignoring sex and age. So I might swim against a 22 year old woman and a 65 year man in the same heat.

I usually get to swim as the 1st, 2nd or 3rd seed in the second fastest heat. Once this season I was the 8th seed in the fastest heat of 50 butterfly. That sucked! I was swallowing water the last 5 metres because the speedsters in front of me were making huge waves!

Isis said...

Yeah, most of hte masters meets I have swum work that way, although often they will swim all the women together, and then all the men together. There was at least one, though, where they mixed the genders together, too.

Those last meters of a fly race are the LAST place you need big waves!

Joe said...

Did you do any age group swimming when you were a kid? The times you have posted here and there on your blog are really good, especially your 100 and 200 breastroke times.

Isis said...

I was really a summer-league swimmer. I did "swim winter" (as we used to say) one year, but that was really just to try to be a faster summer swimmer the next year. Thanks for the comment about the times; it's in the BR events that I have done the best, so I have lots of room to get better in the others!

Joe said...

I was a summer club swimmer for about 7 or 8 seasons and I too did a small tour of duty in winter club to improve my summer club swimming.