Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ow ow ow.

MAN, did swimming feel bad this morning, or what?

Here's a hint: it's not what.

I guess the big yardage this weekend (6200 Saturday + 5000 Sunday, for a week's total of 21,200--my biggest swimming week since I started keeping track 9 years ago) is still with me. I know I was still feeling it yesterday--for instance when I was driving home from the post office and had a hard time holding my arms high enough to steer. And that was far surpassed when I showered and had to wash my hair. Ow!

But I thought maybe by this morning I would be recovered.


The kids' swimteam is on break this week, so we don't have a coach. We're starting later (6 instead of 5:30) which rocks, and since we're not doing as programmed a practice, I was able to knock out 3000 yards in less than an hour. Makes a big difference not to take much rest--but that is only possible when the intensity is low, which for me Oh Yes Oh Yes it was.


Joe said...

> week's total of 21,200

That's big yardage! How practices and how many hours to get that total?

Isis said...

Yeah, it almost killed me. That was 5 practices and a total of 8.5ish hours.